Are You Experienced…? Vivid puts sponsorship activation in the spotlight


LiveWorks is counting down the days to our fave Autumn festival – Vivid – launching on May 23rd in Sydney.

Apart from the amazing art and installations on display its one of the few events where the sponsors really can (and do) enhance  the festival experience, through thoughtful and well integrated activations.

It seems obvious that fronting up sponsorship dollars is only the first step in leveraging a sponsorship relationship effectively, but brands constantly miss the opportunity to leverage their investment by failing to engage with festival patrons.

LiveWorks has been lucky enough to work with Intel for the last two years on their Vivid festival activation, and while we’d have to kill you if we told you what’s on the cards for this year, here’s a taste of the what’s in store from last year’s event…

Hope to see you down at the festival!

Rob and Justin

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