Robots and Brown Sauce – Are you Experienced?

We believe that when it comes to marketing campaigns there’s no such thing as a dull brand – just dull thinking.

From a toothpaste campaign with fake cops operating an RBT (Random Brush Test, naturally), roaming ATM costume characters causing havoc around town for a bank, and a guerilla dance party featuring The Potbelleez ambushing the audience at the start of a cinema session; LiveWorks has strived to conquer marketing challenges with fresh engaging thinking.

Saucy campaign

A recent British campaign for supermarket Waitrose’s Brown Sauce is a perfect example of a ‘boring’ product made interesting through creative thinking underpinned with solid brand communication objectives.

The marketing campaign premise was that a seven year old boy wrote a letter telling the supermarket that he could design a better label on his favourite Waitrose product – brown sauce.

The supermarket took his design, rolled it out on shelf as a special release and got their PR machine rolling.

The result?  Blanket PR coverage revealing how a supermarket chain listens to and cares for its customers (with specific appeal to main grocery buyer mums) via bottle of brown sauce and a proud photogenic schoolkid –

Because… Robots.

When Intel sponsored this year’s Vivid Light festival one of their challenges was how to engage with the Vivid audience on a street level.  The experiential activation had to move around multiple sites, so mobility was critical.  We also had to try to quantify audience interactions and put Intel products in peoples hands in a relevant way.

The Intel Robot, featuring 7200 embedded programmable LEDs powered by Intel tech and controlled through an Intel based tablet was born.  Check out the video and results here:

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