5 Golden Rules For Planning Corporate Events


When it comes to planning corporate events there’s nothing quite like thinking outside the box to get people talking.

But planning an event can be overwhelming. There’s so much to consider: concept, budget, staff, the business purpose of the event…

At LiveWorks, we’re constantly researching the latest in event planning and promo work. We’re immersed in the events industry, and to help you out, we’ve put together our top 5 golden rules for planning corporate events…


1. Stay organised

If there’s one thing we know about corporate event planning and event management, it’s how important it is to stay organised. You’ll need to set firm dates, coordinate and negotiate with venues and stakeholders accordingly.

An event like this should be organised well in advance, with plenty of time to spare. You’ll need to set an agenda for the event, and stick to it in order to ensure things run to plan, and there are no unpleasant surprises.

Use checklists and reminders to stay on top of all aspects of your event. 

2. Have a clear business goal

Here’s one that a lot of businesses don’t get right from the get-go: refining the business purpose or goal of the event itself. What do you hope to achieve by running this event? Every decision regarding the event should be contributing to achieving your main goal.

It is to create brand awareness? To celebrate the launch of a new product? Or do you simply want to generate more income?

Decide on a purpose and be sure to tailor your event to it.

3. Delegate responsibilities

Studies have shown that the best leaders are always good at delegating responsibilities, and with event planning, it’s no different.

Think about it: hiring staff, hospitality recruitment, organising promotional advertising… You won’t be able to do everything yourself.

Your corporate event needs to run smoothly, and in order for this to happen, you’ll need to oversee the big picture.

4. Consider an experiential agency

Here’s where we come to the ‘thinking outside the box’ part. More and more companies lately are looking to experiential agencies to expand their horizons and create memorable corporate events.

For example, companies like LiveWorks get people talking about your brand or product through the power of live performance and bold campaigns.

5. Follow up

This golden rule is actually two-fold. Throughout the creation and production of your event, you’ll need to follow-up continuously with various people. This may be the creative agency you’re working with, or your event staff, it may be the people that you’ve delegated tasks to… Whoever you’re working with, be sure that you’re always on the same page in terms of expectations and deadlines.

Secondly, a step many companies underestimate the value of is following up after the event. Post photos and tag brands and sponsors, write a blog post recapping the success of the event and post it across social media.

Also be sure to thank all the people involved from your talent staff and your creative agency to your colleagues and anyone else who supported the venture.


And there you have it! The LiveWorks’ 5 golden rules for planning corporate events!

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