Event Trends: Stepping Up The Standard Photo Booth

Photo booths are always a popular installation at events. People love the chance to cram in together and pose with cute props and backdrops, and the resulting shared photos are an awesome way to extend brand reach and awareness.

But to stand out from the crowd, the best event planners are stepping up their photo booth game with a variety of new spins and upgrades on the standard pose-and-print booth.

Let’s take a look at a few ways to shake up this concept at your next event.

GIF booths

Forget still photos – it’s all about the GIF, baby!

GIF booths allow users to capture a series of rapid-fire images that are translated into a short looped video clip, ready to be shared straight to socials.

This is a fun addition to a standard photo booth and encourages an even wider reach for content from your event.

Live photo effects

While we’re on the topic of GIFs… How do you like the idea of Snapchat-style live photo effects for use in your photo booth?

These effects, ranging from filters to frames to digital props, are a feature of many photo/GIF booths nowadays, lending an extra-fun edge to your guests’ experience.

Image: MVS Studio

Selfie walls

Simple ‘selfie walls’ are becoming a popular spin on the standard photo booth. Instead of having an actual booth, this involves installing one or more selfie walls throughout an event.

This simply means having a striking, on-brand design or backdrop on a wall or board, for the express purpose of getting people to jump in front of it and snap an Insta-worthy shot!

Give event-goers the option to take their own pics on their devices (perhaps with the help of a provided selfie stick), and/or provide an automated photo-taking system for that next-level snap.


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