Exhibition Trends: What’s Hot At Expos Right Now

We love a good expo here at Liveworks. Exhibitions and trade shows are great places for businesses to show off their wares, connect with new customers and generally get the word out there about their brand.

So what are the latest happenings in the expo world? What’s got people talking? Let’s take a look at a few top trends. (It probably won’t surprise you that technology features heavily!)


A dedicated app to connect with customers at an expo is a must-have for exhibitors these days. As well as providing necessary info about your company and products, apps can connect with Bluetooth beacons, allowing info and marketing messages to be transmitted directly to customers when they come within range of your booth.

Tech wearables

Technology wearables for expo visitors are a growing phenomenon, allowing attendees to record details of their experience and enabling businesses to collect more data on potential customers. In future, we predict every expo will provide attendees on arrival with a digital wearable that captures and transmits real-time data to transform their experience (and boost exhibitors’ data insights).

Virtual reality experiences

With the growing use of virtual reality in marketing, it’s no surprise that VR expo experiences are super popular these days. These experiences can come in many different forms, from product demos through to games and challenges that inject a little fun into your booth and draw visitors in.

Customer-focused booth design

No longer are expo booths just a place for visitors to walk in, look around and walk out again. The latest trends in booth design involve creating a comfortable, welcoming space – think lounge-style areas with comfy cushions and couches, charging stations, and so on. Your visitors won’t want to leave!


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