How to face off the Amazon challenge

In less than two months, Amazon will open its doors to the Aussie market, instilling terror in just about every bricks and mortar retailer, as well as smaller online retailers. The giant e-retailer has contributed to the demise of numerous malls and stores throughout the United States; concerns that Aussie retailers will meet similar fates are not unfounded.

If previous rollouts are an indicator, the first step will be selling electronics and technology. Tech has always been at the forefront of Amazon’s sales, and so it’s the natural choice for the Aussie edition of the retailer, leading to major challenges for the likes of JB HiFi, Harvey Norman, and Bing Lee.

While there’s no doubt Amazon Australia will be a game changer, smart brands have an opportunity to adapt to this new retail environment to ensure they retain, or grow, their bricks and mortar market share.

Which is why we’re introducing SalesWorks…

Here at LiveWorks, we’ve specialised in experiential (face to face) marketing for over ten years. We’ve seen plenty of change hit the retail scene, and have adapted our strategies and those of our clients accordingly, to ensure success.

With the imminent launch of Amazon Australia, brands need to consider the experiences that online retail doesn’t offer its consumers.

The number one thing online retailers like Amazon can’t do deliver is a hands-on product experience.

It’s logical that as Amazon takes off it will filter out customers who are purely price driven and don’t require a more involved sales experience. It follows that consumers still going to a retail store are more driven by the need to experience the product and open to product demonstrations as part of their purchasing decision before they part with their hard-earned cash.

The value (and proven high conversion rates) of in-person experiences like being able to watch a live demonstration, talk to an expert, ask questions, and test-run the device is something Amazon and other online sites simply can’t deliver.

Our new initiative, SalesWorks, helps face-off the impending Australian Amazon crisis.

We’re the best option for a flexible workforce who can get in-store demonstrations up and running, and for getting your product directly into the hands of consumers.

Behind SalesWorks, is an army of demonstrators who specialise in a range of different industries, with in-depth knowledge on numerous electronic and technology-based products. These demonstrators are not your average tech-gurus either. We hire only the most personable, articulate and vibrant people, to ensure your customers feel at ease in-store and well looked after.

All of our demonstrators go through a vigorous process so that they’re 100% familiar and committed to your product, making them the best possible people to be showcasing your product’s features to your clients.

With a SalesWorks campaign in full swing, there’s the potential to lift your sales by 20%! And the best part of it is, is that online retail giants like Amazon can’t compete in this form of marketing. Leaving in-store retailers the market share of consumers who need to ‘try before they buy’.

There’s no doubt that there’ll be a shift in how consumers purchase goods, but with a SalesWorks team behind you’ll be in the best position to face-off that challenge and boost your market share.


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