Mesh Banners & Experiential Marketing: The Perfect Combo

Marketing companies often get caught up in the smaller details of their event planning, rather than looking at the bigger picture. Experiential marketing however, is all about the “big picture” – creating a memorable experience for your clients, and offering a unique branded feel. One of the most effective ways of achieving this is by using mesh banners at your events to create a uniform look across the scope of your function.

Experiential Marketing Electric Gardens Festival

While the term may not be familiar to you, you will have seen mesh banners in action in your everyday life. They’re used for covering festival fencing, pop-up shop installations and all around construction sites. Banner mesh is entirely customisable and offers a premium print quality for your artwork, logo and/or business details. 

Today, we’ve teamed up with the experts at Mesh Direct to get a better understanding of why banner mesh and experiential marketing make the perfect combination…

1. Mesh banners create brand awareness

Banner Mesh - Vivid Sydney - Experiential Marketing

Whether it’s for a festival, an installation or a red carpet event, mesh banners do a fantastic job of creating brand awareness for your business.

Particularly in the lead-up to an event, mesh fencing or banner mesh has the ability to create a curiosity gap with passersby, causing them to wonder about the event and perhaps look up the details later one.

General public exposure of your brand in high foot traffic areas makes your business more recognisable, and more reputable. This helps you increase your target audience and gets your brand in front of new types of clients, and increases the visibility of your business.

2. Make an experience memorable

Experiential Marketing eight-development

Create experiential events with solid branding throughout to make a showcase or festival memorable. Especially in terms of advertising and experiential events, branding on banners shows up in the background of photos and gets a second round of exposure via social media.

The print quality of banner mesh, particularly premium banner mesh, is designed for a high quality print job, which means your logo, artwork and business details will look pristine across your entire event.

People remember visual cues, and with a solid branding effort, you can use this opportunity to bring any guerilla marketing goals to life. 

3. Banner mesh looks uniform

Anzac printed mesh banner

One detail event agencies and marketing companies agree upon is that an event should have a cohesive, uniform look. A creative agency will use a consistent aesthetic across all aspects of an event, this ensures the brand looks professional, but also gives the event a much bigger impact on its target audience.

Think: branded fencing and crowd control around festivals, large scale building wraps and branded banners around installations and pop-up events. These are the types of functions marketing agencies are using banner mesh for.

No matter how small or large scale your celebration is, printed banner mesh is a great option for making your experiential marketing event memorable.

If you’re interested in finding out more about branded banner mesh, mesh fencing or event signage, click here to visit our friends at Mesh Direct


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