The Must-Have Traits Of A Successful Event Planner

Here at LiveWorks we’re immersed in the event planning industry, and often work closely with event planners and event planning companies to create memorable experiential marketing strategies.

Having worked in this industry for many years now, we’ve picked up on some of the must-have traits of successful event planners.

If you’re looking to break into the events industry, and you want to make a difference as an event planner, check out our guide below…

1. Organisation

Above all else, the first must-have trait of an event planner or event planning company is their organisational skills. Event planning is all about juggling a range of different elements and factors, and pulling them together in a cohesive, successful result.

Naturally organisation is an essential ability for a planner to have. You need streamlined processes, and methods that work for you in terms of tracking stages of the event’s development and evolution.

2. Flexibility

A massive aspect of your job as an event planner is to listen to your client and their brief. While you may think you know better (and you probably do), you need to ensure that your client’s needs are met, and that you do your best to marry both strategic thinking and the brief.

You need to be flexible in terms of budgets, deadlines and your client relationships.

3. Time management

Deadlines and timelines come hand-in-hand with event planning. Generally an event is scheduled around the launch of a particular product or at the height of a particular season.

A successful event planner will have killer time management skills, and will have the ability to juggle numerous projects at different stages.

They will be able to schedule catering, liaise with event staff and the client without breaking a sweat. They will never be late, and their services will always be delivered as stipulated.

4. People skills

Event planners deal with people all day every day, and so they need to have a personable nature that puts people at ease.

Events generally make brand ambassadors and companies nervous, it’s the planner’s job to make these people feel comfortable with what’s going on, and confident in the potential outcomes of the event.

Planners also need to be able to liaise and negotiate with potential staff and venues, which will enable them to get the best possible prices for their clients.

Communication is vital in the events business, and a planner needs to have these skills in person, over the phone and across email. They need to be able to explain themselves and the brief to various different vendors.

Event Planner Image 3

5. Calm under pressure

Events can be a high-stress environment for all involved, particularly when it’s a large scale celebration like a music festival or pop-up installation. The more people involved, the more stressful the event can be.

Which is why it’s crucial that the event planner or event planning company remain calm under pressure. Adding more stress to stress is never the solution.

An event agency or planner needs to remain level headed, and find logical solutions to any challenges that arise during the production or planning of an event.

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