Talent Staff: 3 Key Traits To Look For When Hiring

Here at LiveWorks, we’re extremely passionate about helping clients find the perfect talent staff for their events and promotions. We also understand that sometimes it’s not always possible time-wise or budget-wise to go through a promotional staffing agency. Which is why we’ve put together this quick and easy list of key traits to look for when hiring your talent staff yourself…

1. Communication

In any professional capacity, communication skills are highly sought-after, and there’s a reason for that. With great communication skills comes reliability and a level of professionalism that’s greatly needed and respected at events and promotions.

Talent Staff 1

No matter what your staff are required for, they need to be able to communicate with you and their colleagues effectively.

2. Initiative

There’s nothing more frustrating or time consuming than having to dictate every action an employee should take. On the other hand, there’s nothing better than talent staff who take the initiative and get things done.

Talent Staff 3

When you’re hiring talent staff, one of the most important factors to consider is their experience in taking initiative. If you’re given the chance during the recruitment process, this is a good thing to ask them about, see if they can give you an example of having taken initiative in their previous jobs.

3. Passion

When hiring talent staff one of the key factors for success is passion. You want your talent staff to be passion about the event they’re working and/or the product their selling, in order to get the most of your sales, and so that your business is well represented in public.

Talent Staff 2

If your staff are passionate, they’ll work harder for you, and will do a far better job of promoting your brand.


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If you’re looking for an agency to help you out with finding the best talent staff for your next event, get in touch with LiveWorks here.

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