The 3 Most Important Goals for Brand Activations

For businesses large and small, branding is everything these days. The way customers and clients perceive your brand goes hand in hand with the way they engage with your business.

It should come as no surprise that brand activations are super important. A brand activation simply refers to a campaign designed to familiarise people with your brand by engaging with them directly. This is achieved through things like events and experiential marketing.

So what are the most important goals to keep in mind when thinking about brand activations? Let’s take a closer look.


1. Provide a unique experience

A key word to have in mind when designing brand activations is memorable. You want to stick out in the minds of potential customers and clients so they remember your brand and business in future.

One way to achieve this is to provide a unique experience – something they haven’t seen or done before. Consider how you can stand out from similar brands and make an unforgettable impact on your audience.

2. Understand your audience

This could also be summarised as: give the people what they want!

If a brand activation isn’t appealing, relevant or useful to your target audience, it simply won’t succeed. You need to know what they’re looking for in a brand or product, and show them clearly through your campaign how you can provide just that.


3. Encourage sharing and social promotion

Word of mouth is still one of the key things that helps a business go big. The more people talking about your brand, the better!

Every successful brand activation involves a ‘shareable’ aspect. Encouraging your audience to get involved online and spread the word to their friends and followers is super important, and also helps you measure your campaign’s success.


For more on this topic, check out our posts on brand loyalty and experiential marketing activation ideas. And as always, give us a shout if you’re in need of some help from the event marketing experts!

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