Top 3 Tips For Hiring Event Staff

Hiring event staff is something we’re very experienced with here at LiveWorks. We’ve provided some of the largest companies in the world with promo staff for their campaigns and events, to great success. 

We’re often asked for our advice on how to hire staff, so we thought we’d take this opportunity to share a few quick words of wisdom…

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1. Ask for updated photos

The first thing you’ll want to be wary of when hiring event staff is photos (and resumes) that are outdated. Professional head shots and portraits don’t come cheap, and so often event staff and actors rely on older photos to apply for jobs.

Unfortunately, this makes it difficult for recruiters and companies seeking event staff with a specific aesthetic.

So make sure when you’re seeking new event staff that you specify that photos and resumes must be up to date.

2. Don’t hire on looks alone

While looks and a specific aesthetic is a natural consideration when hiring event staff, it’s not the be all and end all.

Remember to pay attention to the other details like presentation, personality and how extroverted the potential candidates are. You want to make sure your staff are as welcoming to potential clients as possible, and that they do your product and/or service justice.

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3. Use a professional staffing agency for hiring event staff

Our final tip is one that we can help you with ourselves. If you’re not completely confident with hiring staff yourself, or perhaps you just don’t have the time to dedicate to it, getting a professional staffing agency on board is well worth the cost.

Here at LiveWorks, we absolutely pride ourselves on proving our clients with the best matches in terms of event staff, and we know exactly what qualities to look for. Save yourself the stress and hassle, by consulting the experts instead.

Want to know more about how LiveWorks can help you find the right staff for your campaign? Contact us today.

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