Top 3 Tips For Hiring Promo Staff

In the realm of experiential marketing and events, there are often instances where you’ll need promo staff. Whether it’s to launch a new product, to interact with your customers or to attract attention, the benefits of hiring promo staff can be absolutely huge.

However, many event planning companies lack experience in the actual hiring process. How do you go about selecting the perfect promo girls and promo boys for your celebration or festival?

Here at LiveWorks, we’ve had plenty of experience in staffing events and hiring promotional staff for large scale events…

1. Use a promotional staffing agency

The first piece of advice we’d like to share with you is trust the experts. You’ve got enough on your plate with planning and executing your event to be worrying about posting ads, interviewing candidates and relaying the same information over and over.

Use a trusted event staffing agency or experiential marketing agency like LiveWorks. Companies like us can find you the perfect cast in a matter of days.

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2. Make your criteria specific

Whether you decide to go with a promotional staffing agency or go DIY, you’ll need to be sure that your criteria is specific when it comes to hiring promo staff.

The more specific you are with your brief, the more likely it is that you’ll be satisfied with the promotional staff supplied to you.

3. Be reliable 

Our final tip is all about you! Be reliable. Communication is key when it comes to hiring promo staff, so you need to be reliable in your responses, and easy to get in touch with. That goes for any agency you’ve commissioned as well as with your promo staff directly.

Be sure to pay your promo boys and promo girls on time and fairly, so you get a favourable reputation in the industry. You want people to want to work for you, and of course, to do a good job!


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